iTecs Promus White-Glove Managed Cloud Hosting Services

Managed Cloud Hosting Services for Small Business

iTecs Promus is a white-glove managed cloud hosting provider for small business. With our no control panel approach, we handle everything for you from the design of your services, implementation, migration, and support. Customer-centric, a leader in managed cloud computing for small businesses since 2002.

White glove hosting services, all for less than what AWS, Azure, and IBM charge.

Small Business Managed Cloud Hosting Services

Transforming a company’s infrastructure with managed cloud hosting solutions, iTecs Promus is a globally recognized leading brand that provides affordable and managed cloud hosting services. Where solutions are designed to deliver impeccable performance and redundancy for mission-critical virtual applications, the company promises to fulfill the unique needs with custom cloud solutions.

We guarantee scalability, proficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Our competent team of professionals spares no effort to build and design an advanced and well-protected virtual infrastructure for your business. Moreover, we pride in delivering unbeatable cloud services to many leading brands around the world.

Terminal Server Hosting for Small Business

Highlighting innovation as part of our managed cloud services, we provide top-tier Virtual Terminal Servers for small businesses that facilitate a single point of controlling and maintaining all the company’s resources and enable remote access to all your users.

Regardless of location or device you’re on, you will always be able to connect to your work computer in a secure manner. We provide these cloud services that help small businesses reduce their licensing costs and ensure a maximum ROI. We also provide patch management, monitoring, and security.


Private Cloud for Small Business

Our white-glove Virtual Private Cloud hosting services for small business is a turn-key, managed solution. Promus virtual private cloud solution enables a business to have their own secure and reliable cloud environment without the hassles of maintaining, updating, monitoring, and supporting.

Leverage the power of the Promus Virtual Private Cloud to excel your business into a new IT landscape, all the while, lowering your cost of ownership and liability.


Backup & Disaster Recovery

Reliable, resilient, and robust are the three traits that define our disaster recovery service. As part of our cloud hosting services, we ensure maximum productivity with minimum risk involved.

Our backup and disaster recovery service works on the professional objective to fully restore all of your data. From the backup, transmission, and rest, your data is encrypted. The offsite backup is a complete snapshot that allows us to restore all files and convert your backup into a hosted virtual machine.


Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS) for Small Business

Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) for small business and managed cloud services by Promus provide a range of features and facilities to the customers.

Our infrastructure components are accompanied with a detailed domain controller, including load balancing, monitoring, managing the servers, virtual switch, application/file server, and an integrated virtual firewall.  We take care of all the technical issues and complexities involved in handling the infrastructure, which allows you to focus on what’s more important for your business’s growth. That’s what makes our cloud hosting one of the best in the country.


Desktop as a Service (DaaS) for Small Business

Desktop as a Service (Daas), is a prominent aspect of our managed cloud hosting services that provides exceptional Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) deployment.

Unlike in Terminal Server Hosting, which provides a central place for all remote users to access, DaaS gives users private virtual networks and complete Windows 10 platforms. Moreover, it fully caters to businesses with added security. It upgrades the performance, backs up the data and storage, and ensures proficient maintenance of the servers. Promus provides DaaS for small business as a managed solution. We provide a security, patch management, and monitoring package.



The incredible feedback from our valued customers

I have had the pleasure of working with iTecs for the last six months. I have found them to be reliable, knowledgeable and very friendly. Our cloud services are always available and extremely responsive. I would recommend Promus and their Terminal Server hosting to anyone looking for a good hosting company.
Todd B.
Portfolio General Managed Group, Inc.
Itecs moved all our servers into their cloud without any downtime or headaches. We have reduced our cost of ownership and exposure by using Promus virtual private cloud. Their prices are under most competitors and they provide so much more for your investment. We recommend any business needing cloud assets to go with iTecs.

Tom P.
Owens Sausages (Bob Evans Farms, Inc.)
We were having problems with our Linux server that no one seemed to be able to fix. Itecs dialed in and had us up and running in an afternoon and transferred services to their cloud. Very quick and responsive. Kept us updated every couple of hours with the migration progress. Excellent service!
Carol M.
Don Mechanic Enterprises, LTD
We've been using iTecs for our IT support and cloud hosting assets for a little over a year now. Their service is always professional and their staff are quite knowledgeable. We also got our phone system through itecs, great experience.

Fernando L.
Care Holidng, LLC.
First class IT operation! I work for a small - mid size business, and ITecs has helped us tremendously. If I ever need anything I can always call or submit a ticket, and my problems are always fixed promptly. I highly recommend their services to anyone who is in the market for business level IT help!

Trent M.
Peak Trust Financial, Inc.
Working with iTecs for the last few years has been a great experience. They helped so many aspects of our business spanning accounting, HR network hardening, Data storage migration, robust Disaster Recovery systems, user remote virtualization, and cybersecurity.

Joe O.
Camden Homes, Inc.


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