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We Offer Affordable White-Glove Managed Cloud Hosting Services

iTecs Promus is a white-glove premier cloud hosting provider that aims to provide turnkey services at an affordable rate. Since 2002, it has developed into a leading cloud services company that works with well-known brands throughout the world. Our client-centric, managed services approach include a customized solution for every customer that helps them reach significant milestones. Promus employs professional experts that work with a vision to serve clients one-on-one that results in new business growth while decreasing their IT expenses. Promus helps companies build faster, reliable, and technically efficient IT infrastructures to compete in business with fast speeds backed with a well-managed IT infrastructure.

Who is Promus?

Promus is a division of leading Managed IT Services Provider (MSP) in the Dallas market with customer-centric IT support, outsourcing, and consulting services for businesses of all sizes. iTecs MSP has worked with companies in oil & energy, venture capital, marketing, food services, accounting, healthcare, banking, and many other sectors. Having a background in working with companies like Frito Lay, Miller Brewing, Owen Sausages, Pizza Hut, and other enterprises in various industries, Promus is perfectly adapting to know how to serve you best.

iTecs Promus is a white-glove managed cloud hosting provider that specializes in small business

iTecs Promus is built on technologically strong fundamentals that provide state-of-the-art backup and disaster recovery, redundant infrastructure, fast bandwidth, and end-to-end encryption to maximize the security for the products and its data. Promus strives to provide the best services to clients in the cloud services domain and grow those partnerships by being nothing less than the best white-glove stewards of their cloud assets.

iTecs Promus follows the same business and operating goals and protocols as the MSP side of the organization. We strive to provide you with a white-glove, one-on-one approach in the setup, support, and management of your IT infrastructure. With a professional, courteous assigned team that works closely with you, our customers statistically stay within the umbrella of Promus services for years and decades.

Mission Statement

We aim to provide the best in customer service, reliability, and performance while maintaining a low-cost point to make cloud services affordable for all businesses.

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Attention to detail

The high levels of enthusiasm that our professionals carry help them establish strong bonds with our clients, which increases Promus satisfaction levels. iTecs Promus always assigns dedicated experts to its clients to receive one-on-one attention and support clients’ problems with streamlined solutions. This approach to customer care gives our professional experts in-depth knowledge about our system and helps build our clients’ trust. Promus is the leader in providing white-glove managed cloud hosting services and solutions.