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Active Directory Hosting

True Active Directory Domain Controller Hosting

A Managed, White-Glove Approach to Active Directory Domain Controller Hosting Services

When planning to create a growing network within your organization, Active Directory provided by Domain Controllers is the best option. With the help of Active Directory, you can manage your users, computers, resources, and all the company’s IT policy aspects from one platform. It helps establish a hierarchical structure within your company to share, access, and store the information on different mediums. Your organization will stay cluttered with a lack of a correctly set up Active Directory Domain and would bear a loss of communication between its resources and assets.

At Promus, a premier Active Directory Hosting company, we provide efficient services to host your organization Domain Controllers virtually and help you manage your resources seamlessly. We help you run your Active Directory to authenticate and control your staff, applications, and device’s actions to keep a smooth and secure flow of information between different assets while allowing the users based on a logical hierarchy to access specific data.

As per our Active Directory Hosting Services, we provide comprehensive assistance in terms of domain services, lightweight directory, and certificate services. We create a proper infrastructure of your company’s network that allows us or your IT professionals to manage the resources swiftly. A centralized system lets the organization keep a check on every activity, and the way information is being shared from one asset to another from defining access to connecting the objects. Beyond the Domain Controller, we can provide additional tools that will help your business identify risks, employee behaviors, and meet acrimonious compliance requirements.

Promus, being one of the leading Active Directory Hosting service providers in the nation, is staffed with MSP professionals who offer exceptional assistance to every organization irrespective of its size and needs.

Active Directory Hosting

Our Active Directory hosting solution provides the following:

  • Managed Domain Controllers
  • Automatic Patching
  • Multi-Regional Infrastructure
  • Flexible Deployment
  • Remote Server Access
  • Management Tools and Software

Commonly Asked Questions

Active Directory (domain controller) is used to store identities, groups, policies, and security settings. AD, enables organizations to provide their employees with a single digital identity to access their assets and provides IT with a single management domain for the devices and servers in their organization.

As a white glove, turnkey provider, we provision your domain controller and populate your accounts. If you already have an on-premise domain, we can replicate your existing accounts to leverage us as an off-site disaster recovery solution.

Please complete the contact us form below or call our office. A Promus Network Engineer will help design and implement your hosted domain controller.

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What Sets us Apart

At Promus, we provide exceptional Active Directory Hosting services. We stand by our commitments and dedicate ourselves to assisting organizations. We back organizations up with the tools and advanced Domain Controllers to help them manage and operate their business smoothly. With our unique and skilled methodologies, the Promus white-glove approach means you can focus on your business priorities. Moreover, we provide cost-effective pricing and rates to both our valued and new clients. If you’d like to receive a free phone consultation about your organization’s needs, then fill in the form and one of our experts will get in touch with you soon.