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Platform as a Service

Managed Platform as a Service & Software as a Service

Managed and Turnkey Software As A Service (SAAS) And Platform as a Service Hosting Services for Small Business

Platform as a Service is similar to Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that provides access to applications and databases from a cloud hosting provider. The users can access it via the internet or through a site-to-site VPN tunnel for increased security and control of who can access it. At Promus, we provide a white-glove approach Application Hosting and Software as a Service that allows you to operate and manage your software applications and databases from our encrypted cloud. For businesses that require fast, easy, and secured access to their data, the service stands as the perfect solution to choose.

As there is increased concern regarding security threats, our Application Hosting solutions will help you create a well-protected content delivery network. We ensure the virtualization of your business using cutting edge methodologies, and we can design an infrastructure that suits your needs. Promus renowned as a leading cloud hosting company spares no effort in keeping its clients satisfied while helping their business flourish at the double their pace. Apart from this, we provide enterprises with a feature-rich service package and a multitude of facilities.

Promus helps you cut your expenses in building well-connected and prosperous cloud infrastructure for your business. We design your services to suit your company’s needs and requirements. As a white-glove provider, we strive to make every client completely satisfied with our solutions, and we ensure to deliver the services with scrupulous attention to detail.

Managed Application Hosting

Use-case of Platform as a Service, SaaS, and Application Hosting:

  • Content management applications
  • Web development applications
  • Database applications
  • Email security applications
  • Login security applications
  • Proprietary applications

Features of our application hosting services:

Complete Onboarding

We handle everything and provide you with white-glove 24/7 technical support.

Managed Updates

We managed the updates and scheduled maintenance for your application foundation.

24/7 Monitoring

From the application, operating system, and hardware, we monitor everything.

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The Promising Aspects of Our Hosting Services

Promus is one of the leading Application Hosting providers in the nation, with a vast network and a panel of qualified professionals. Our application solutions provide comprehensive coverage for your business needs. With reliable user experience, we ensure that we deliver format proliferation to upgrade your latest systems, which keeps users at ease. We provide efficient performances to handle software on the cloud while reducing the risks significantly. Moreover, our networks are backed with added security to the deepest layer of operating system models. Lastly, we provide a proficient content distribution that gives an instant accessibility feature to the users. If you want to add an elevated level of perfection to your business, get in touch with us to see how we can help and work with you.


As a white-glove, managed services provider, we help you build, maintain, and manage your network.



Put your IT assets in safe hands and get unmatched protection from aimed cyber-attacks.

Promus All Inclusive

All Inclusive

We handle the on-boarding, implementation, and support of your cloud services.

Commonly Asked Questions

Promus provides your business with software as a service (SaaS) hosting solution that allows applications to be available from anywhere in the world or restricted access from your office and home users.

Dramatically reduces your IT expenses

Scalable to grow or shrink depending on your business needs

A central point to backup and secure

Meet compliances with ease

As a white glove, turnkey provider, we provision your hosted application and design a secure and efficient way to deliver it’s value to your workforce.

Please complete the contact us form below or call our office. A Promus Network Engineer will help design a suitable environment and policies to meet your goals.