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Backup and Disaster Recovery

Managed CLOUD Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Affordable Hosted Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backup and Disaster Recovery is as essential to a fortune 500 enterprise as it is to a small business. The design of an efficient and reliable backup and disaster recovery solution may differ; however, the indisputable fact is that the loss of an organization’s data often leads to its demise.

At Promus, a leading Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery solution provider, we facilitate businesses with smart and integrated ways to protect their data and information. With both local and cloud-based servers, our backup and recovery services are powered by state-of-the-art solutions. No matter how big or complex your business is, we know just the right way to make copies of its data and store it in an off-site location in the cloud for quick recovery.

Our Backup and Disaster Recovery service is a bundled package to protect your server AND the data that resides within it. We cannot only restore files and folders but also turn your backup into a virtual machine and host it in our data center. The backup agent is controlled by our server and performs a brick-level backup of your data. Keeping several days, weeks, and years worth of backup versions requires very little extra space, which translates into significant savings compared to our competitors.

At present, it’s a dire need to protect your business from cyberattacks and to have an alternate source where you can keep the copies of your data to get easy recovery in case of a data disaster. Promus being renowned as one of the leading Backup and Disaster Recovery service providers, promise to offer an excellent solution to your company.

Furthermore, our white-glove approach to all of our services translates into a tailored solution. We analyze the needs of a business and offer the most suitable package that fits their needs. Among the many benefits, some of them include:

Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery Services
  • Enhanced Security
  • End-To-End Encryption
  • Faster Recovery
  • Host Backups as Virtual Machines
  • Meets HIPAA, SOCKS, and More
  • Cost-Effectiveness

Commonly Asked Questions

Promus Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution (BDRS) is a packaged solution that safeguards your data by performing a backup and snapshot of your systems.

We can restore files and folders

We can restore a broken computer/server to its original state

We can convert your backup into a virtual machine and host it in our data center

We deploy our backup agent on the system, which encrypts the data stream and backup file to our data center. The backup performs a binary copy so that incremental backups are fast and require a small amount of storage.

On a month-to-month basis, cancel anytime.

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At Promus, we provide cutting edge Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions, bundled with a wide range of features. Your data is protected with encrypted compression from the transmission to rest. Moreover, we store data on multiple clouds and enable file versioning to ensure many alternatives. With the highest data protection services, we stick close to catering to our clients’ needs and making sure that they can recover from any disaster or user blunder. If your business requires a comprehensive data backup and recovery plan, get in touch with one of our team members by filling out the form.