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Businesses Allowing Employees To Work From Home At Higher Risk of Infection

For many businesses, the shift to a work-from-home environment happened very abruptly. Finding a quick solution to protect employee’s health and minimize a lapse in production became a priority, and some of the risks of utilizing quick transition systems were overlooked.

Employees who were used to sitting in an office with a desktop computer had to improvise at home with their family computer or personal laptop if their employer was unable to provide a mobile computer or permanent home setup. Personal computers are not designed to securely perform in a corporate environment, opening up the employer’s data to infection from viruses targeted at home networks.

Transitioning to a wholly remote work environment requires preparation and careful coordination. Leaving this task to a professional is the best course of action, especially considering the implications of an improper setup.  When one computer that is connected to the network becomes infected and there are no layers of security in place to prevent a spread, it can quickly travel to the corporate network and other computers connected to that network. The amount of damage that can be caused by one small security hole can have dire consequences.

Amongst the most common types of infections are malware and ransomware. They can corrupt entire network data bring entire companies to a halt, and sometimes, even bankruptcy. The experts at iTecs Promus can help guide businesses through these difficult transitions to ensure they have the best solution tailored to their needs. Because of their white-glove approach, business managers do not have to take on the monumental task of researching, exploring, and examining all the different technologies best suited for their staff.

Having expert consultants handling the heavy lifting on the technology side gives businesses time to invest in strategizing and restructuring their business to adapt to the current market landscape. Thus, giving them an advantage to succeed through these trying times.

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