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Construction Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting for Construction Industry

Managed Construction Cloud Hosting and Computing

Cloud hosting and computing services for the construction sector provide immense value and facilitate the necessary tools for efficiency and safety with operations and logistics. The corporate office and mobile device users on-sites need to have seamless access to the same data for project management, accounting, inventory, and other operations dynamics. Providing your workforce with laptops and tablets to help them access information securely is another challenge worth noting. With technology, the various applications and tools used in a construction site that require a steady stream of secure access to critical data sets, cloud hosting services become the clear choice.

It makes economic sense to avoid the need to provide the necessary facilities to house on-premise servers to deliver data and allow interdepartmental collaboration. Managing your server room means the liability, cost of ownership, responsibilities to ensure IT continuity, and the maintenance of falls in your IT department. That equates to much high IT-related expenses, including added payroll for Network Architects and Administrators. Promus understands the business, operations, and logistical challenges faced by construction companies and can offer a turn-key solution to streamline your IT and dramatically reduce your IT expenses.

Construction Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting for Construction Industries

Promus is a white-glove, managed services provider that not only provides the technology backbone for your infrastructure but also the technical expertise to design, migrate, and support those assets. We work with the world’s fastest-growing construction companies by understanding their unique business operations and implementing the best cloud computing solution. We start with a consultation call to better understand your IT challenges and existing utilized technology. Our experts design a virtual private cloud based on the information we’ve collected and set up the new cloud environment. We then help you migrate your data, applications, and databases to your new cloud with a seamless transition.

Start the construction on the ground, but manage it on the construction cloud software with iTecs’ Promus.

Cloud Hosting for Construction Industry is an innovative solution with a cutting-edge and efficient architecture created by iTecs’ Promus.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Hassle-free from on-site to our data center, we will help ensure your existing applications, services, and data are securely transferred.

Promus monthly fees for your virtual environment do account for any licenses that we are offering; if you already purchased your various platforms, it will reduce the monthly cost versus another customer who is leasing that software from us.

The cloud we provide you is very secure, meets the various compliances, it includes thorough backups, and our white-glove IT support. Your staff can access your assets anytime from anywhere in the world; plus they can do so on any device or computer.

Yes. In our terms and conditions, it clearly states that any data you store in the Promus cloud is your property. Should you ever cancel, we will be helpful and cooperative to return your data.