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Financial Cloud Hosting Services

Cloud Hosting for Financial Services Companies

Nowadays, companies are vehemently working on the concept of smart working and adopting many automated solutions that can provide the maximum level of ease, relaxation, and a comfortable work environment. From this point of view, companies are sometimes rendered different services to avoid fixed costs, and sometimes they outsource the service to a third party to get the job done effectively.

Financial Software Cloud Hosting services are the newly introduced way of working by which companies are now outsourcing their business applications with far better results at an affordable cost. iTecs Promus has added this service along with its other cloud computing services in different domains with their fast-managed servers. Promus product Financial Cloud Computing is one of the smartest solutions for companies to manage their financial operations through the cloud that is accessed from any location. This service has given the new way of intelligent working to the finance department of companies through which they can access the data and make the required activities from any remote location by logging in through their assigned credentials.

Financial Cloud Hosting Services

Cloud Computing for Financial Services

In the past, there was a time when companies would generally make standardized IT solutions for their clients due to the lack of demand for a customized solution and awareness, but in today’s time, working guidelines have drastically changed, and clients have developed enough knowledge about their needs and requirements. One example is that a client knows that there a variety of different suppliers available to fulfill their obligations as per their requirements. With that being said, iTecs Promus has also introduced fast and reliable customized solutions to its new and existing clients to keep them satisfied.

Cloud Solutions for Financial Services is also provided to help the client in cutting costs and helping the business grow in the long run and achieve their short-term goals effectively. This financial cloud service also helps the client carry their commercial operations remotely just with the help of their log in ids, and it has even eradicated the issue of software installations which used to be very hectic and costly for companies.

Data security has been increased with the accessibility, and the data remain any lapses in a company’s infrastructure and the IT system. As far as cloud services go, it’s the responsibility of a company to save the data remains in this condition, and the software remains active as per the company’s requirement. Here at Promus, our IT professionals possess a great deal of experience in the hosting service realm, and we have proudly done business with hundreds of clients in various industries. Promus is comprised of highly technical, professional, and motivated team members along with a fast and efficient IT infrastructure. Our top priority is to serve clients with services in the financial industry so that we can produce great results for them with our practical solutions.

Build your financial cloud computing system with iTecs Promus and get uninterrupted access to the financial assets.

Providing cloud hosting for financial services is not enough, but to make your company secure from unwanted cyber-attacks is a success.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Hassle-free from on-site to our data center, we will help ensure your existing applications, services, and data are securely transferred.

Promus monthly fees for your virtual environment do account for any licenses that we are offering; if you already purchased your various platforms, it will reduce the monthly cost versus another customer who is leasing that software from us.

The cloud we provide you is very secure, meets the various compliances, it includes thorough backups, and our white-glove IT support. Your staff can access your assets anytime from anywhere in the world; plus they can do so on any device or computer.

Yes. In our terms and conditions, it clearly states that any data you store in the Promus cloud is your property. Should you ever cancel, we will be helpful and cooperative to return your data.