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Food ERP Cloud Hosting

Food Processing Cloud Hosting

Like many other industries, the food industry also plays a vital role in the country’s success and development. The food industry utilizes various and complex applications that always need to be available for use. One example is that IT services can be used to run high-tech machines for processing foods in the industry. Another is the Food ERP systems critical for on-going operations, which require a high-end server to deliver data quickly.

Promus hosts various ERP, accounting, and other food processing applications on our state-of-the-art data center servers. Our white-glove approach provides significant cost savings when you consider you no longer need to carry the burden of server hardware cost of ownership or the liabilities of hosting your applications in your warehouse.

As a managed service for hosting Food ERP and other related applications, we provide your business with everything you need to have a reliable, secure, and efficient IT infrastructure.

Food ERP Cloud Hosting

Food Processing Cloud Computing

Just like in other fields, cloud computing plays an essential role in the food processing industry. This process is not easy, it needs proper iodization and filtrations of food items, and it also needs security for keeping food fresh for a long time. As we all are in some way, a part of the modern lifestyle, there are many online services available that provide food delivery right at our doorsteps. These services use proper cloud computing systems that fulfill our needs and provide us with what we want. Nowadays, cloud computing food services have become an important part of our lives. We can get our selective foods when and where we want. Just like other technical services, cloud computing food security is also very important for different companies, so that they can know what and when the customer ordered.

Due to the success of cloud computing software by different food service providers, famous food industries are now using cloud computing systems to provide food to their customers so they are satisfied and can order again. There are many international hotels and restaurants all over the world which use the latest cloud-computing systems to supply their foods, like fast food, traditional dishes, and continental foods, for example, to deliver them to the customer’s place they have placed the order. Many people are also fans of fast food and restaurants, so they also use cloud systems for storing their regular customer’s data. Most people place orders of fast food regularly from different food services apps; that’s why fast food and cloud computing are both involved in the success of cloud software.

Is food processing cloud hosting possible? It’s already a reality. Get your service booked today and enter the new world of working.

iTecs Promus is ready to provide you cloud computing for food services with a powerful and fast system.​

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Commonly Asked Questions

Hassle-free from on-site to our data center, we will help ensure your existing applications, services, and data are securely transferred.

Promus monthly fees for your virtual environment do account for any licenses that we are offering; if you already purchased your various platforms, it will reduce the monthly cost versus another customer who is leasing that software from us.

We have extensive experience with BatchMaster, Edible, and other sector related applications – we are ready to provide those assets as a cloud service in our Promus data center.

The cloud we provide you is very secure, meets the various compliances, it includes thorough backups, and our white-glove IT support. Your staff can access your assets anytime from anywhere in the world; plus they can do so on any device or computer.

Yes. In our terms and conditions, it clearly states that any data you store in the Promus cloud is your property. Should you ever cancel, we will be helpful and cooperative to return your data.