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Is it considered ‘spying’ if you own the equipment?

Is computer surveillance with employee monitoring and mdm moral

The new way of doing business is electronically. The way we communicate and transact is mostly through a device, and even more so now in the days of Zoom meetings and virtual tours. Most employees cannot be efficient without a computer and a mobile device, and it is the responsibility of the company to ensure that they have all the proper tools to perform their jobs efficiently.

How does an employer protect themselves from equipment abuse? Well, research suggests they should all have a solid policy in place regarding such devices. Employees should sign an equipment use agreement with established guidelines for allowed uses of such devices and instructions on how to return to the company in the event of separation.

Aside from those basic procedures, it is important that the technology itself have its own set of built-in parameters to mitigate any unauthorized use. For example, if the company manages sensitive data, a company cell phone may be restricted when joining public Wi-Fi connections. Or, if the mobile user is constantly on the road and should stay within a geophysical boundary, the employer may need to receive alerts when that device is outside those areas.

Maximizing employee productivity should not compromise corporate security, yet they are both intertwined when technology is concerned.

Ensuring that you have a solution for mobile device security and management is essential in the implementation of device use policies. It will allow you to confidently issue company-owned equipment with peace of mind that they are being utilized as intended and that there is a way to intervene in the event of malfunction.

With employee monitoring and mobile device management technology, having visibility over company-owned equipment is not in the same realm as spying. It is ensuring that every resource is maximized and that employees are making the best of their time by working safely and efficiently.

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