iTecs Promus White-Glove Managed Cloud Hosting Services

Private Cloud for Law Firms

Private Cloud Hosting Services for Law Firms

An All-Inclusive, Managed Services Cloud Hosting Solution for Legal Practices

Your legal practice is unique, and as a white-glove cloud hosting provider, we ensure you have all the tools you need to leverage cloud technology to increase your bottom line and increase your business workflow. We provide everything you need so your staff can remote into a highly secure and robust server to perform their day to day operations. Promus will help integrate your Legal Practice Software into your private cloud and tie all other assets together to create a seamless web of tools accessible from your office or any remote location around the world.

Promus is a white-glove cloud hosting provider that offers your law firm a complete turn-key solution. We handle everything and start with a free phone consultation to discuss your IT needs. We’ll design your Virtual Private Cloud based on the goals and needs of your practice, then implement, support, and maintain that environment.

Private Cloud for Law Firms

White-glove Approach to Legal Practice Cloud Hosting Services

Implementing a cloud server for law firms is now a standard working practice; it helps lawyers run their firm’s operations securely, efficiently, and from anywhere in the world. It helps centralize your applications and data while improving security and proficiency with backup and disaster recovery; it gives a significant advantage to law firms who need to store a large quantity of data. Another significant advantage of maintaining cloud services for your law practice is that it reduces your IT costs while avoiding the hassle of installing the software and dealing with licensing issues on a per-computer basis.

Promus innovative turn-key, white-glove approach is what distinguishes us from our competitors. Your law practice pays less with our Cloud Hosting Services, and you get consultants and data center engineers who work with you to design, implement, and maintain your cloud assets.

Complete Onboarding

We handle everything

Dedicate Cloud Servers

Virtual dedicated servers

Microsoft Office

MS Office suite for everyone

Exchange Email

Office 365 Enterprise Email

Managed Backups

Backup and disaster recovery

Enterprise Security

Secure and Redundant Data

Windows Desktop

Centralize apps and data

MS SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server

White-Glove Support

Unlimited technology support

Your Lawfirm's Onboarding

Discovery & Plan

We will analyze your IT infrastructure, your practice, the software you use, and documents. We get a clear idea of precisely what you need so you don't overspend, and so we don't miss anything.

Designing & Coordination

After collecting information about your practice, your assigned team of Network Administrators will document your roadmap and coordinate your migration plan.


Next, we will provision your packaged services from the private cloud, Exchange mailboxes, security services, and more.​ We will install your software in your new private cloud environment, and the assigned Network Administrators will test everything.


On the day of your choosing, we will perform a final copy of all your data and go live with your new services. The Promus Network Administrators will be available for you and your staff to ensure a smooth transition.

Training & Support

The assigned Network Administrators will train your employees on how to navigate the new IT landscape easily. You and your staff will work with the same appointed cloud experts with training and ongoing support.

iTecs Promus is on a journey to provide the best cloud hosting services for law firms in the legal industry.

We provide the best in class speed, security, and reliable cloud services for law firms.

Lets get started

Commonly Asked Questions

Hassle-free from on-site to our data center, we will help ensure your existing applications and data are securely transferred.

Promus monthly fees for your virtual environment do account for any licenses that we are offering; if you already purchased your accounting platform, it will reduce the monthly cost versus another customer who is leasing that software from us.

The cloud we provide you is very secure, meets the various compliances, it includes thorough backups, and our white-glove IT support.

Yes. In our terms and conditions, it clearly states that any data you store in the Promus cloud is your property. Should you ever cancel, we will be helpful and cooperative to return your data.