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AWS Managed Services Provider

Your Experts To Design, Manage, and Support your AWS Environment.

Amazon AWS is a robust platform that puts the responsibilities of the design, securing, and maintaining in the customer’s hands. It’s all too common to see customers overpaying for assets and services they don’t need or with environments inadequately secure that can be easily breached and exploited.

There are mountains of certificates an IT professional should acquire before jumping into AWS. iTecs Promus staff has the credentials, expertise, and experience to manage your Amazon AWS infrastructure proficiently.

iTecs Promus will help with new AWS builds or manage existing infrastructures. We can help you identify what assets are needed, create a design and configuration blueprint, and implement those plans into reality. Furthermore, we will ensure the environment is hardened with best-practices security policies and perform regular updates and maintenance.

It’s easy to overpay or lack security measures to ensure your data is protected and services stable with all the AWS intricacies. Promus has helped clients realize the true potential of utilizing AWS and maximizing their return on investment. A quick call with our AWS Manager, we can identify the scope of your needs and communicate how we can help now.

AWS Managed Services - Promus Provider of AWS Support

Cost Savings

From the beginning and during the course of working together, we evaluate how you use AWS to mitigate unnecessary burning cash.


Whether you're creating a new environment or need to migrate existing servers and services into AWS, we exercise our time tested methods to help mitigate interruptions and risks.


Utilize our certified AWS support engineers to help with maintaining an efficient and secure environment. We are here for break-fix, setup, consulting, and managing all your AWS assets.


Administration, updating, maintenance, we handle all network administration duties of your AWS cloud environment. You're assigned an AWS Manager who ensures your infrastructure is streamlined and well-tuned.

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Experts in Amazon Web Services Cloud

At Promus, every business relationship, regardless of nature and size, is treated with a white-glove, customer-centric approach. With our AWS team, you can be sure that any requests for design changes, attachments to on-premise services and data, and any other need will be completed with competency and scrupulous attention to detail.

Reach out to us today to learn how our services can help you maximize your ROI with your AWS infrastructure.


As a white-glove, managed services provider, we help you build, maintain, and manage your network.



Put your IT assets in safe hands and get unmatched protection from aimed cyber-attacks.

Promus All Inclusive

All Inclusive

We handle the on-boarding, implementation, and support of your cloud services.