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Managed Employee Monitoring with Computer Surveillance

Cloud Hosted Employee Monitoring with Computer Surveillance

Computer surveillance helps identify performance metrics with Employees working remotely

Employee monitoring with computer surveillance solutions has become a reality for many companies who have their workforce working from home to mitigate COVID 19 infections. Where managers and owners of businesses could see their staff in the office to gain a sense of how productive and efficient everyone is working, that disappears when they work from home.

iTecs Promus Teramind is a solution that provides real-time metrics into what your staff is doing, if they’re productive, what apps and files are they accessing, and additional information to help you manage and lead. 

Like our Terminal Server hosting services, a virtual server that users remote in to perform their day-to-day operations, monitoring services is another solution that compliments a remote work environment.

Knowing how your staff is performing is paramount to a successful business. We provide the facilities for computer surveillance that’s designed to be functional and easy to use.

What is employee monitoring with computer surveillance?

Technology that enables you to watch, in real-time, what the staff is doing, what apps they have open, what files they are accessing, and whether they are idle and unproductive. The ability to go back in time and see what a particular employee was doing as if watching a DVR recording. A system that gives you reporting features with a multitude of data metrics that can be customized to suit your needs.

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Want to see first hand how powerful our system is, the value in the mountains of information you can abstract from our monitored solution?

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Employee Monitoring Computer Surveillance - iTecs Promus

What is iTecs Promus Teramind – Employee Monitoring?

A server/client product in which we host the monitoring server that receives the encrypted data streams from your staff’s computers. You get a dedicated monitoring server exclusive for your company and managed by Promus that provides a web GUI for you to log in. You also get a dedicated computer surveillance expert who will guide you through the design and rollout of the monitoring solution.

Why should we choose iTecs Promus to monitor our staff’s computers?

We are different from our competitors because of the white-glove managed services approach we provide with all our services and products. We start by understanding your companies IT infrastructure and help you design an implementation plan. We configure, maintain, and update your dedicated monitoring server as part of our affordable hosting fees. Also, unlike our competitors, we charge per user, not per device. You can preload all your computers with our monitoring agent, we only charge what employee gets monitored, no matter what equipment he or she may be using.

Pricing is simple, affordable, and commitment-free. Give it a try with our free 14-day trial.

After the 14-day trial, pay monthly for each employee monitored. The terms of the agreement are on a month-to-month basis, cancel anytime with a 30-day notice. Please call or fill out our contact us form to get a quote and additional details on our computer surveillance services.

Our employee monitoring solution provides the following and more:

  • Real-time alerts
  • Setup behavior notifications
  • Stream real-time video feeds
  • Browsing history
  • Monitor keystrokes
  • Monitor file transfers
  • Monitor emails and print jobs
  • Time tracking with idle time monitoring
The Promus monitoring agent supports the following platforms:

Windows 7 through 10


Windows Server

Terminal Server

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