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Mobile Device Management (MDM)

MANAGED Mobile Device Management (MDM) SERVICES

Guaranteeing a Remarkable Approach for MANAGED MOBILE DEVICE MANAGEMENT SERVICES

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a management solution that oversees and secures smartphones, tablets, and laptops. With the typical workforce being more dependent on utilizing mobile devices to access data and perform their work duties, it’s essential to treat those devices like a desktop computer. Mobile Device Management allows an organization to track their assets, restrict the ability to perform specific actions, deploy applications, implement security, and much more.

If you are contemplating how MDM can be utilized for your business, look at the example below to help you understand its implementation. Drivers use company-provided cell phones and make regular deliveries to end-customers at their office locations. With Mobile Device Management, you can see in real-time where those drivers are. Furthermore, you can deploy your CRM and inventory applications to their devices so they can make updates as they make their routes. All the while, locking the phone down so they can only open apps, visit certain websites, and access other assets that your organization deems necessary.

In a pool of many, another example where Mobile Device Management is a necessary tool to use. A food processing plant utilizes Andriod or Apple tablets mounted on their walls in strategic locations within the plant. Employees use these tablets to clock in and out within a cloud-based application that utilizes the tablet’s cameras to verify identity. MDM will allow you to force those tablets to open the right app even if they are restarted and helps mitigate unauthorized tampering.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) Hosting as a Managed Service

Promus Offers a Low-Cost Managed Mobile Device Management Solution

As a white-glove cloud service provider, we ensure that you get this solution delivered as a complete turn-key package. We help you enroll, design the policies, push the applications, and manage the devices 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Promus staff will work closely with your managers to create perfectly designed IT policies, rules, and triggers for how your mobile devices behave.

The abilities and use-cases for MDM are tremendous, while the cost to manage and protect a device is meager. Every organization with company-provided mobile devices should utilize our service. Our experts are on standby to answer your questions and quickly implement the service.

Device Management

Security Policies

App Management


MDM Program Details

Mobile Strategy and Featured Benefits

  • Custom Mobile Device Policy Creation – iTecs will create a policy that meets your company requirements.
  • Rapid Enrollment – iTecs Promus MDM manages the setup and device enrollment process to make life simple for both you and your users.
  • Centralized Management – iTecs Promus provides a UMDM console for smartphones and tablets with centralized policy and control across multiple platforms.
  • Proactive Security – Our solution provides end-to-end security and compliance management capabilities to monitor devices and take necessary action continuously.
  • Streamlined Support
  • Our MDM support team can remote into the managed devices to help your users with email support, application configuration, and break-fix issues.
  • Optional support includes:
    • Managing and providing break-fix services
    • Advance Replacement Program to keep your users functioning. Hot spare devices can be warehoused at iTecs or onsite at the customer’s office, providing the fastest turn-around time for down devices.
    • Call, or email our MDM support staff on standby, providing instant support for end-user issues.
Mobile Device Management Program Design
  • Creation of device policies
  • Implementing alerting thresholds
  • Design security features required in your environment
  • Setting Geo tracking rules, alerts, and processes

Mobile Device Implementation

iTecs Promus will have devices shipped directly to our MDM facilities for staging and kitting devices and then securely shipped directly to the end-user.

  • Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP)
  • Sim installation
  • Case installation
  • Push policy and apps to the Device
  • Securing the Device with passcodes, boxing and shipping of devices to End Users
  • Tracking and shipment confirmation
  • The user receives and goes live
  • Configure email, calendar, contacts, Wi-Fi, and VPN profiles over-the-air (OTA)

Supported operating systems for Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management Hosted Services for Apple Phones and Tablets
Andriod Mobile Device Management for Windows Phones and Tablets
Mobile Device Management for Windows Phones and Tablets

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The Mobile Device Management solution we provide conveys multiple use cases, and it’s all managed by our team of experts with the experience to understand the needs and goals of companies in various industries. Promus MDM also enables us to remote into your devices, on-demand, to help troubleshoot, setup, and assist your users whenever necessary.

You and your business managers can also gain access to our Mobile Device Management portal to view, track, control, and modify your devices and policies.

Contact us today to quickly and easily speak with an expert and get set up with our Managed MDM Services.


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Commonly Asked Questions

Our Mobile Device Management (MDM) provides a platform for knowing where and how your assets are being used. You can also configure restrictions and various policies to mitigate risks.

There are multiple ways of enrolling your devices; we can email and text easy to follow instructions. As a managed service, iTecs staff will help you find the most efficient steps to enroll your desired devices.

Android, Apple, and Windows mobile devices are all compatible with our MDM platform.  Apple devices require an extra component, they must be licensed with Apple Business Manager which iTecs can help you obtain.