iTecs Promus White-Glove Managed Cloud Hosting Services

No Control Panel Hosting

What is no control panel cloud hosting?

Like us, no control panel cloud hosting companies help businesses understand how to best leverage cloud hosting services to suit their needs. We start with a consultation with the customer to understand their business IT needs. Then we design and implement a scalable and cost-effective cloud solution. When a company like us does it right, you get a white-glove experience from start to finish.

Why don’t you provide a control panel?

If you’ve ever tried to design your virtual infrastructure in a hosting provider’s control panel, you’ll quickly learn it takes an IT expert to understand what all the options are and how to configure them correctly. That’s why there are consulting companies that help you identify what cloud services your business requires and charges you a nominal fee to integrate those into Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, or other similar hosting providers.

iTecs Promus provides hosting services at a lower cost point than Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, and we help you by designing your virtual cloud infrastructure as a managed turnkey service. Providing cloud hosting services as a managed turkey service translates into a well-defined environment consisting of precisely what you need. 

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