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COVID-19 Affected Businesses Rescued by Managed IT Services

COVID-19 Work from home solutions and employee monitoring

The recent pandemic has changed how businesses globally are conducting their day-to-day operations. With the need for many companies to have their staff work from home and the intricacies that environment entails, finding the right IT solution and executing it expeditiously can be a challenge.

The Problem

Many have resorted to having employees use their home computer to dial into the corporate office and access resources; however, this opens them up to a sleuth of security vulnerabilities. Who’s to say that the home computer children use to purchase game currency with isn’t a petri dish of viruses and malware?

The work-from-home model comes with a disadvantage. The lack of oversight on employees limits the ability to see performance metrics in real-time. This inability to monitor employee performance can be a real problem when the only way to discover employee laziness is when you lose business.

When implementing this work-from-home solution, businesses either have an internal IT department, or an external managed IT services provider who design and implement the right solution. It’s essential to utilize a competent IT team as a guide through these interesting times.

The Solution

iTecs Promus, a white-glove managed service provider (MSP) of cloud hosting services, has helped businesses overcome the challenges of the work-from-home model. With solutions implemented that address the ease of working remotely, IT security, and employee monitoring.

With solutions like implementing a VPN with corporate-owned equipment or allowing any device to connect to a Terminal Server, iTecs has helped businesses mitigate the IT security risks associated with the work-from-home environment.

Once the security risks are managed, and technology is utilized effectively to streamline productivity, businesses can focus on ensuring employee performance while working remotely.

Computer surveillance has come a long way. iTecs employee monitoring services allow managers a 360 real-time view of how the staff is performing when they are connected and if they are productive. This product is a tool that can identify problems before they impact your bottom line.


A good MSP company serves in the capacity of an IT consulting firm, not just on/off hosting solutions. iTecs can help businesses overcome obstacles during this challenging time with customized turnkey solutions.

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