iTecs Promus White-Glove Managed Cloud Hosting Services

Cloud Hosting for Real Estate

Cloud Hosting Services For Real Estate Firms

Fully Managed, White-Glove Bundled Hosting Services

Real Estate Cloud Hosting Services encompasses much more than a system that can access the Internet. Real Estate firms require their staff to utilize the organization’s applications and have a seamless ability to communicate and share information with clients and their teammates. More than 80% of top Real Estate companies leverage cloud hosting services because they understand that having the right tools readily available is essential to stay ahead of their competition.

Promus Cloud for the Real Estate industry is designed to provide your firm with the tools necessary to have everything you need at your fingertips, from your laptop or smartphone. You get a virtual desktop with Microsoft Office and any other application you need to be installed. Enterprise-grade email services with Exchange that enables synchronization with Outlook and mobile devices. Unified Message System with VOIP and messaging apps built-into one solution, and much more.

Our cloud solution makes gathering and handling personally identifiable information secure. We make collaboration internally and externally easy, improving the ability of employees and teams to share calendars for meetings and events, delegate tasks, and manage clients and prospects in groups or individually. As a white-glove hosting provider, our staff handles the set up for you, and we’re available 24/7 for questions and support.

Cloud Hosting for Real Estate

Modular Cloud Services for Real Estate

We understand that firms may have tools and processes in place that they would rather not change. We made our cloud hosting services modular, so you could enjoy the bundle, in its entirety, or choose a couple that best suite your needs.

Our bundled package contains the following optional services:
Complete Onboarding

We handle everything and provide you with white-glove 24/7 technical support.

Virtual Desktops

Seamless and secure remote access into your work computer from any device, anywhere.

Tons of Storage

Store and access all your files, pictures, and misc data in your secure private container.

Any Application

Dropbox, box, Buildium, Zillow, InfusionSoft, Salesforce, any app you need we can integrate.

Microsoft Office

Get the latest version of Microsoft Office Suite for your entire company without paying for licenses.

Exchange Email

Office 365 Enterprise Email that will sync mailbox on all devices and allow for easy team collaboration.

Managed Backups

We backup everything and keep several days worth of retention. Your cloud is 100% protected.

Enterprise Security

Our proven and hardened security technology and protocols will keep your data private and safe.

Unified Messaging

We provide VOIP handhelds, application, and messaging systems with as a managed service.

Commonly Asked Questions

Hassle-free from on-site to our data center, we will help ensure your existing applications, services, and data are securely transferred.

Promus monthly fees for your virtual environment do account for any licenses that we are offering; if you already purchased your various platforms, it will reduce the monthly cost versus another customer who is leasing that software from us.

The cloud we provide you is very secure, meets the various compliances, it includes thorough backups, and our white-glove IT support. Your staff can access your assets anytime from anywhere in the world; plus they can do so on any device or computer.

Yes. In our terms and conditions, it clearly states that any data you store in the Promus cloud is your property. Should you ever cancel, we will be helpful and cooperative to return your data.