iTecs Promus White-Glove Managed Cloud Hosting Services

Reseller Partner Program

Create Passive Revenue with The Promus Reseller Program

Flexible and easy to sell Cloud Hosting Services for your Customers

iTecs Promus offers our resellers a chance to create new revenue streams in the cloud hosting sector with no headaches, hidden fees, or even the technical know-how. Promus cloud services are much less expensive versus what you would find with Amazon AWS, IBM, Rackspace, Azure, or any other cloud provider.

We keep our costs below our competitors, providing a managed service for our customers that enable them to leverage our Network Administrators without the expensive professional services costs. That means that if you have a customer you want to sell cloud hosting services for, Promus will help you design, create, and manage that environment. However, if you would rather keep access to your customers assets as restricted as possible, we can step back and let you solely manage things.

White label our cloud, and you handle billing your client – we NET invoice your company for all cloud assets you request to have turned on. With transparent billing and itemized costs, you can confidently bid on customer cloud projects and know exactly how much you will make.

We value our partner relationship with our resellers and have terms that reflect that. You get our discounted cloud hosting prices on a 30-day cancellation term, regardless of the terms offered to your customer.

Get more monthly income by leveraging Promus’s cloud that allows you to easily move your existing customer in the cloud.

We assign your reseller account a Promus Cloud Manager who works closely with you for anything and everything related to the partnership. From creating new assets to accounts receivables, you will always work with the same Promus contact.

Create passive revenue streams with your customers by selling our managed cloud hosting services. If you need help with the sales cycle, the Promus Manager assigned to your account will assist in any capacity you require.

Enterprise Monitoring Dashboard and Remote Access

Promus provides Remote Monitoring and Management for all partner assets that include monitoring, managing updates and policies, and gaining remote access.

Our robust platform enables you a 360 view of your customer’s infrastructures, twenty-four hours a day. You can also deploy OS and third-party software updates automatically or manually.

Promus RMM Monitoring and Management

Commonly Asked Questions

Promus can be as proactive and involved as you want us to. We can handle the technical sales, setup, migration, and support of your customer’s cloud environment.

The prices of our hosting products are the same whether we help a lot, a little, or none at all with the onboarding process of a new customer. If you provide the migration and technical support, you avoid Promus professional services fees.

We are available 24/7 and post-design, can have your customer’s cloud infrastructure setup within an hour or less of the confirmation to build received.

No, Promus does not have any restrictions or quotas to become a reseller of our cloud and hosting services. All you need to do is apply and have a short interview with a Promus Manager.

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Leverage our team of experts to help with customer migration to the cloud. We are here to make your cloud venture as painless and lucrative as possible.