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Small Business Cloud Server

Cloud Server & Storage for Small Business

A Fully Managed Solution for your Small Business Cloud Server and Storage Needs

What Is Small Business Cloud Server & Storage Hosting Services?

Cloud servers that provide a business with storage and other services eliminates the need to have expensive and depreciating hardware. Cloud servers also lower your costs of ownership with mitigated licensing costs and liability. Your small businesses can leverage a dedicated server’s technology without the tasks of having to maintain it, back it up, and ensure proper storage and cooling.

Promus Small Business Cloud & Storage Services Go Beyond Common Standards.

Promus provides a dedicated or virtual server with the operating system and integrated tools that your business needs. The server can be used as a storage repository that securely and efficiently allows your team to access data. Whatever roles are required, such as a database server for SQL or MySQL, our team will build it to your requirements.

We assign a pod of Network Administrators who are responsible for the setup, management, maintenance, update, and support of your server. Engage your team through our ticketing system or call them directly anytime; we are available 24/7.

Enterprise Redundancy And Backups

Having your server in a data center doesn’t guarantee that your system has the protections in place to ensure quick recovery due to hardware failures or data loss from ransomware and corruption.

Promus server hosting in the cloud gives your asset the data, power, hardware redundancy, plus data layer protections to ensure you can never lose your data. We conduct brick-level backups, retaining several days, months, and years worth of server images depending on your retention needs.

Enterprise Security

As a white-glove managed services provider, we extend our server hosting services to include hardened security measures to keep intruders out. Our priority is to ensure our client’s data remains confidential and out of reach of unauthorized access.

Your assigned pod of Network Administrators works closely with you to create the right data access and remote access policies to ensure efficient and secure connectivity.

Included in your dedicated cloud server:

Complete Onboarding

We handle everything and provide you with white-glove 24/7 technical support.

Any Application

Dropbox, Adobe, Quickbooks, SAGE, Dynamics, Salesforce, any app you need we can install.

Tons of Storage

Store and access all your files, pictures, and misc data in your secure private container.

Any Operating System

Deployment of any operating system from Linux, Microsoft Windows, Mac, and Unix.

White-Glove Support

Promus is customer-eccentric with highly competent and courteous professionals available 24/7.

100% Uptime

We ensure your cloud server is online and ready for connections with our redundant data centers

Managed Backups

We backup everything and keep several days worth of retention. Your cloud is 100% protected.

Enterprise Security

Our proven and hardened security technology and protocols will keep your data private and safe.

Want to know what your staff is doing on the cloud server?

iTecs Promus offers employee monitoring services with computer surveillance that monitors the activities of all your employees and provides data metrics on productivity. For a work from home work force model or a remote office, Promus server and employee monitoring are essentials tools for any business in any sector of any size.

Click here to learn more about computer surveillance.

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Your Small Business Cloud Server

At Promus, we ensure you pay for what you need. Unlike our competitors, we provide free consultations to understand your business needs and design a cloud server with the right amount of processing, memory, and capacity to ensure your not overpaying. We will help you migrate your data and applications. 

As a white-glove, managed services provider, we are responsible for maintaining, supporting, backing up, and securing your cloud server. Our staff is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, to help your team with any connection or technical problems.

Give us a call or complete this contact form, and we’ll show you how our managed cloud server hosting solution will decrease your IT expenses and liability.


As a white-glove, managed services provider, we help you build, maintain, and manage your network.



Put your IT assets in safe hands and get unmatched protection from aimed cyber-attacks.

Promus All Inclusive

All Inclusive

We handle the on-boarding, implementation, and support of your cloud services.

Commonly Asked Questions

Promus provides your business with a fully managed and supported server with the operating system of your choice.

Dramatically reduces your IT expenses

Scalable to grow or shrink depending on your business needs

A central point to backup and secure

Meet compliances with ease

As a white glove, turnkey provides we give your business everything you need to have a secure and reliable server. Backup and disaster recovery are included in every server package. We also provide security and IT policies that can meet any compliance.

Please complete the contact us form below or call our office. A Promus Network Engineer will help design a cloud server with all the software and policies your business requires.