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Terminal Server Hosting

Managed Terminal Server Hosting Services (RDS)

We set up, Manage, Update, and Support your Terminal Server FOR RDS.

The Terminal Server is a dedicated platform hosted within our data center that delivers a centralized solution for users to work within. It can be your permanent work computer and-or solution for on-the-go staff that work remotely. Having everything centralized means that backing up your user’s data stored on Desktop and My Documents folders means that you don’t need to have a web of backup solutions or IT policies forcing your users to save essentials data on network shares.

Remote access to your Terminal Server is possible with every type of computer and mobile device. Using the Remote Desktop Connection program, you can access your virtual desktop without having to establish a VPN connection. The remote connection is encrypted and compliant with all significant restrictions from publicly traded companies to medical institutions. For users who travel outside of the United States, we do require they make a VPN connection into our data center first.

Managed Terminal Server Hosting with iTecs Promus
Remote Desktop Hosting Services

The Remote Desktop Connection program supports unlimited numbers of monitors; if you have 2, 3, or more monitors, the software can be configured to span across all screens or just one. Within the Terminal Server and your dedicated virtual network, we can connect our data center to your office with a secure site-to-site VPN, which will allow your Terminal Server to access your office resources. These resources include printers, file servers, and other network-attached assets. If you have a scanner attached to your local computer, we can provide TSSCAN licenses, which allow you to scan from the Terminal Server to that device.

As a managed services provider, we design your Terminal Server to function the way you need with the tools and technologies your business requires. There are no limitations to the software we load on your Remote Desktop Server.

Have a file server in your office? No problem. We will build a secure site-to-site tunnel from our data center to your corporate office network to enable secure, encrypted connections to your on-premise digital assets.

We manage the patches, updates, maintenance, and administration of your server, for a fraction of what an unmanaged Terminal Server from AWS would cost you.

Included with your managed Terminal Server hosting:

Complete Onboarding

We handle everything and provide you with white-glove 24/7 technical support.

Virtual Desktops

Seamless and secure remote access into your work computer from any device, anywhere.

Tons of Storage

Store and access all your files, pictures, and misc data in your secure private container.

Any Application

Dropbox, Adobe, Quickbooks, SAGE, Dynamics, Salesforce, any app you need we can install.

Microsoft Office

Get the latest version of Microsoft Office Suite for your entire company without paying for licenses.

100% Uptime

We ensure your Terminal Server is online and ready for connections with our redundant data centers

Managed Backups

We backup everything and keep several days worth of retention. Your cloud is 100% protected.

Enterprise Security

Our proven and hardened security technology and protocols will keep your data private and safe.

White-Glove Support

Promus is customer-eccentric with highly competent and courteous professionals available 24/7.

Want to know what your staff is doing on the Terminal Server?

iTecs Promus offers employee monitoring services with computer surveillance that monitors the activities of all your employees and provides data metrics on productivity. For a work from home work force model or a remote office, Promus Terminal Server and employee monitoring are essentials tools for any business in any sector of any size.

Click here to learn more about computer surveillance.

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LeadING Terminal Server HOSTING

At Promus, we ensure you pay for what you need. Unlike our competitors, we provide free consultations to understand your business needs and design a Terminal Server with the right amount of processing, memory, and capacity to ensure your not overpaying. We will help you migrate your data and applications to the Remote Desktop Server. Promus experts will also help you communicate with the rest of your staff on how to connect and set up the Remote Desktop Connection program.

As a white-glove, managed services provider, we are responsible for maintaining, supporting, backing up, and securing your Terminal Server. Our staff is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, to help your team with any connection or technical problems.

Give us a call or complete this contact form, and we’ll show you how our managed Terminal Server hosting solution will decrease your IT expenses and liability.


As a white-glove, managed services provider, we help you build, maintain, and manage your network.



Put your IT assets in safe hands and get unmatched protection from aimed cyber-attacks.

Promus All Inclusive

All Inclusive

We handle the on-boarding, implementation, and support of your cloud services.

Commonly Asked Questions

Promus provides your business with a fully managed and supported Windows Terminal Server, also known as a Remote Desktop Server (RDS). RDS allows access to a virtual desktop, a central place that all users work within.

Dramatically reduces your IT expenses

Scalable to grow or shrink depending on your business needs

A central point to backup and secure

Meet compliances with ease

As a white glove, turnkey provides we give your business everything you need to have a secure and reliable Terminal Server. Backup and disaster recovery are included in every RDS package. We also provide security and IT policies that can meet any compliance.

Please complete the contact us form below or call our office. A Promus Network Engineer will help design a Windows Terminal Server with all the software and policies your business requires.