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Virtual Private Cloud Hosting

Managed Virtual Private Cloud Services For Small Business

We Design, Build, Secure, and Maintain Your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) for your Small Business

Virtual Private Clouds are isolated environments that reside in a public cloud provider through data center facilities. Whether through dedicated hardware or other means of isolation, the VPC is entirely isolated. Is your business in need of improved agility, enhanced security, and incredible automation? Get started with our completely managed, turnkey Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) solution.

At Promus, we provide you a chance to decrease your IT expenses and double the productivity of your business with our VPC services. It’s an efficient and structured resource that isolates your data and bridges the existing gap between your business’s operational data and its users. Furthermore, it makes your services available to the end-users without any interruption or hindrance.

Promus is a top-rated Virtual Private Cloud company hosting provider and is equipped with the advanced resources to facilitate your business with various cloud accessing options. We promise to improve your business’ scalability with easy hybrid cloud deployment, better-performing servers, and increased security. We will build the virtual infrastructure to connect your enterprise with the public cloud and keep the network smooth and uninterrupted. Our white-glove, highly experienced staff and managed approach to hosting services mean you can count on us because we always ensure a high level of satisfaction. Here are some significant outcomes your business will generate with our exceptional services:

Virtual Private Cloud Hosting

What is a Virtual Private Cloud and a Public Cloud?

A Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is a group of assets, hosted by a service provider, that is completely isolated from other customers within that provider’s data center facilities.

With Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, and other providers, the customer is responsible for designing, building, securing, and maintaining their VPC.

iTecs Promus provides VPC as a managed service, meaning we work closely with our customers to create the right set of assets in their private cloud, implement it, secure it, and maintain it.

  • Eco-Friendliness
  • Seamless to Scale
  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • End-to-End Encryption
  • Easy Integration
  • Efficient Migration to the Cloud

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Our Managed Virtual Private Cloud Services

Promus is a white-glove managed services provider of virtual private cloud solutions; we handle the seamless transition of your business into our cloud. With strategic deployment to the public cloud, we provide you with an incredible solution that enables a dramatic reduction in liability, cost of ownership, and the need for highly technical staff. You get to share your information and services with thousands of users while isolating your network from other entities on the cloud.  No matter where you are, you get to access your business virtually in a completely hassle-free way. Please fill out the form and allow us to add a touch of advancement to your business, taking it to a higher level of unmatched success.


As a white-glove, managed services provider, we help you build, maintain, and manage your network.



Put your IT assets in safe hands and get unmatched protection from aimed cyber-attacks.

Promus All Inclusive

All Inclusive

We handle the on-boarding, implementation, and support of your cloud services.

Commonly Asked Questions

Promus Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is a collection of computing resources that are exclusively used by one business or organization.

Public clouds are computing and storage resources shared by many organizations. A private cloud consists of hardware exclusively used by a business or organization.

Promus VPC provides your business with improved scalability, security, and a lower cost of ownership.

Promus can provide your organization with dedicated hardware for servers, storage, backup and recovery, and security solutions. You can also connect the Promus VPC with your on-premise computing resources to create a hybrid cloud environment.

Please complete the contact us form below or call our office to speak to a Promus Network Engineer who can help design and implement your VPC.