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Why BYOD Aren’t A Good Idea Unless You Use A Terminal Server

Why BYOD is a bad idea without a Terminal Server

What is so bad about BYOD?

Allowing your users to directly access company resources from their own personal devices can be risky and problematic. Are your users running the latest security patches? Are they using a device they share with someone else at home? What happens if the user loses the device or it is stolen?

Security concerns

User owned devices are more difficult for the company to control, users may not be updating their devices, or they may be running older operating systems. Users also install apps that could contain malicious code. 

These user-owned devices may fall into the wrong hands at some point. Will you still have control over the data stored on the device?

Support headaches

BYOD introduces a wide variety of hardware to support. Are all the applications used by your company compatible with every platform your users bring to the company? Users may purchase devices that aren’t compatible with your applications. 

Inability to support a user’s device can cost support time and lead to employee dissatisfaction with the company.

Terminal server remedies these issues

By using a terminal server, a company can introduce a layer of protection between the user’s device and the work being done while adding device compatibility with your corporate applications.

Security managed

Security updating is managed centrally on the terminal server instead of depending on user behavior. 

Everything work-related is done remotely on a secure system completely controlled by the company. By using a terminal server, all work-related data and work in progress is stored and worked with on the server in a secure location, not on the user device. Applications are running on a secure operating system and installed on secure hardware. User sessions are easily managed by IT on the server in a single secure system allowing administrators to immediately stop undesired behavior by ending the user session.

Better Support

Terminal server client is available on nearly every platform. This allows a user to use their device without concern as to whether there will be compatibility issues. Support becomes easier for the IT department because only the terminal client is required on the user device. Applications running on the terminal server will always be compatible within the terminal session and independent of user hardware.

Get a terminal server to solve your BYOD issues

Running a terminal server will improve your security and ability to support user devices when using BYOD in your company.

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